Do you desire to read and study the Word of God in its original languages? There is no greater activity that the human mind can perform!

The Biblical Languages concentration in the Pastoral major at Appalachian Bible College provides this skill which will open up many opportunities for you and which helps guard the church against error. The accredited degree includes a double major in Bible / Theology and Pastoral studies.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

Along with all the courses in the Pastoral ministry major, enrolling in the Biblical Languages concentration means you will take four semesters of New Testament Greek and one semester of Biblical Hebrew to be equipped with basic skills in the original languages.

A knowledge of the original languages by those in ministry has benefited the Church in many ways, including rescuing the Church from oppression by ungodly religious hierarchies in the Middle Ages and allowing the Bible to be available to Christians in their native languages through direct translation from the Hebrew and Greek.

ABC encourages the learning and use of the original languages by those able to pursue this discipline while recognizing that the sole use of the Bible in English, when loved and studied diligently, is more than adequate for effective church ministry.

Pastoral students are required to do an internship with an experienced local church pastor. This internship may be during a summer or over two semesters during school.

Our Faculty

Rev. David Childs

Rev. David Childs - Greek Instructor

I read almost daily in the Greek New Testament and am full of wonder that I have that privilege because someone taught me. I take great joy in helping others learn to read God’s Word as it was written.

Minoring in Greek in college gave me the interest to continue to study Greek through seminary. As a pastor I found it so valuable in my sermon preparation and ministry and such a joy in my own personal study of God’s Word. The many helpful works published today and online resources make learning New Testament Greek not nearly as intimidating as it used to be.

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Why Pastoral - Biblical Studies?


Understanding the Biblical languages will allow you to read God’s Word with one less person or committee between you and the text. It also will give you access to more resources for study including the use of commentaries with greater depth and scholarship as well as the ability to read with comprehension the theological journals and studies available today.

If God calls you to preach, knowing the original languages will give you the ability to prepare sermons with greater accuracy and insight into the structure of the text and meaning of words.

Interested in advanced studies? As a graduate of the Pastoral - Biblical Languages degree, you will be prepared to enter seminary with a solid background in Hebrew and Greek.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Preaching and Teaching Pastor
  • Bible Translator
  • Christian Author
  • Seminary Student
  • Bible Institute Instructor

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Sermon development based upon an accurate exposition of the Scriptures challenging hearers to align themselves with God's truth.
Doctrinal and practical issues a pastor will face in ministry resolving individual and church issues in a manner that pleases the Lord.
Helping the congregation to see the need for both evangelism and discipleship implementing them in ways that are both Scripturally sound and God-honoring.

Pastoral Courses

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