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Student Life

  • What extracurricular activities can I get involved in?

    There is so much to do at ABC and not enough room to explain it all here! On campus, students participate in intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, drama and puppet ministries, and music ministry teams; laugh and share skits at Coffeehouse; and play games over a drink from the ABC Coffee Shop. Off campus, students enjoy hikes in local parks, shopping excursions, and most importantly get highly engaged in local churches. For more of an idea of what you can do, visit our Student Life page.

  • What are the residence halls like?

    A lot of your time will be spent in campus housing. ABC’s residence halls have only two students per room with ample storage. Community bathrooms, free laundry facilities, and student lounges are available in each residence hall. See pictures and read more about ABC’s residence halls here.

  • What if I don’t want to live on campus?

    The majority of ABC students live on campus whether in our residence halls or married student housing. If you are interested in living off campus, please contact the dean of students.

  • When can I know who my roommate will be and can I make a request?

    Each student submits a Housing Request Form and can request a specific building, specific room, and a specific roommate. Once you and other students submit this form, the student deans may connect you with your roommate. Housing information is available after July 15, depending on the submission date of the Housing Request Form.

  • When do I move in?

    For the fall semester, two Saturdays are set aside for move-in. Soccer and volleyball athletes arrive for preseason the first move-in Saturday. A week later, all other new students arrive on campus. To find your move-in date, visit the Accepted Students page.

  • How will I know if I have been accepted into ABC?

    ABC’s admissions office requires an application, character references, and academic records for admission. Once all admissions requirements have been received and reviewed by the director of admissions, you will receive an email or phone call congratulating you on acceptance and giving you an opportunity to accept. Visit our admissions page to see a list of all admissions requirements.

  • Are there any technology requirements?

    Technology is intertwined with education these days. ABC uses Canvas, a web learning platform, where students download class notes, submit assignments, interact in discussion forums, and stay up-to-date on assignments. Students bring their own laptop and/or pc to keep up with their academics. Wireless internet is available across campus with wired docking stations available in the library. The library also offers low-cost printing for students that do not have their own printer. If you have any other questions about technology, please contact ABC's Technology Services.

  • Does ABC offer a payment plan that spreads out my payments?

    Yes, students are able to spread their payments over the semester. ABC uses a percentage system where a certain percentage of your bill must be paid by a certain date. Read more about ABC’s Payment Information.

  • What if I have specific dietary needs?

    We have several ABC students that have various dietary needs whether tolerance or allergy related. With a smaller campus family, we do our best to work with each student individually. To ask specific questions regarding your dietary needs, please contact our Student Services Office.


  • Is ABC accredited?

    ABC received accreditation in 1967 and is currently accredited by three categories of agencies: regional, national, and specialized. Accreditation does not dictate how or what ABC teaches but verifies that we are meeting specific quality standards and our stated mission. With our accreditation, you can be confident you are receiving a quality education, having increased access to financial aid, and completing a nationally and internationally acknowledged degree.

  • Can I complete two majors at ABC?

    Yes! Everyone that completes a bachelor of arts degree receives two majors: Bible/Theology Major + Ministry Major. A Bible/Theology major provides the foundation for life while a ministry major provides essential skills for ministry. Check out the various ministry majors and concentrations to choose from!

  • Does ABC offer any programs online?

    Yes! You can complete a Bible Certificate completely online through ABC Connect. This program allows you to increase your foundational knowledge of God’s Word, develop your research skills in Bible study, and increase your effectiveness in local church ministry. These classes can even transfer into ABC’s on-campus Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts programs.

  • Where can I buy my books?

    Once you have registered for classes and book lists are available, you can view the online book list to find which books you will need. Students purchase these books from Amazon, Half.com, and other online retailers, or you can purchase used books from other ABC students. The book list is reviewed each semester, so if the list is not available when you first check, please check again later.

Financial Aid & Payment Information

  • Do only high achieving students receive scholarships?

    ABC offers scholarships for good academics as well as many life criteria such as 1st Generation in Ministry, Bible Institute Transfer, Homeschool, Military, and even Christian Worker’s Children Scholarship. This past year 100% of students who applied for ABC financial aid received financial aid!

  • How do I apply for financial aid and know how much financial aid I can receive?

    ABC’s financial aid office requests two documents to begin the financial aid process: FAFSA and ABC’s Financial Aid Application.

  • Can I receive federal or state aid if I attend ABC?

    Yes! ABC students are eligible to receive federal aid such as the Pell Grant and state aid. Not only can West Virginia residents receive the West Virginia State Grant, but ABC students may also currently receive the Pennsylvania State Grant and Vermont State Grant. Check with your state to see if there are funds that can be used at ABC!

  • What if I have scholarships that will not be received before a payment is due?

    Please communicate with the financial aid and business offices about any financial aid you expect to receive. We can individually adjust your payment plan and personally work with you through the year.

  • Are jobs available on campus?

    Whether it is serving food in the dining hall, cleaning one of the classrooms, or trimming the grass, many students are able to work on campus. These positions do qualify for Federal Work Study and you can have your pay direct deposited into your account or applied towards your Student Account bill. While student employees are not officially hired until the beginning of the semester, the process begins with a Student Employment Application. You can also pursue employment at area businesses in the Beckley area such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Chick-fil-A.

  • What information do I need to complete the FAFSA?

    You can submit your FAFSA after October 1 at www.fafsa.gov. The FAFSA asks about personal and family income and assets, the number of people in your household, and the number in your household that will be attending college. Make sure you include ABC's School Code: 007544 The easiest way to complete your FAFSA is by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). Don’t delay as you could be eligible for thousands of dollars in financial aid!

  • Do I need to submit the FAFSA every year?

    Yes! If you want to be eligible to receive federal aid such as the Pell Grant and/or state aid, then you will need to complete the FAFSA every year. Once we receive your FAFSA and ABC Financial Aid Application, the Financial Aid Office will provide you with an Estimated Aid projection for 4 years. Things can change from year to year and affect your aid. So, plan to do these forms each year.

  • What types of loans can I receive?

    Several types of loans are available. ABC participates in the Federal Direct Loan program, which includes Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS Loans. Out of nearly 1,000 four-year colleges and universities across the country, Appalachian Bible College has the lowest student debt per borrower according to LendEDU! Learn more about loans.

  • Can I receive financial aid if I am only part-time?

    Yes! ABC’s Part-Time Scholarships are available for those taking up to 6 credits each semester. Whether you are a high school student or a senior citizen, or just desire to take classes part-time, these scholarships are available to assist you. Also, part-time students may qualify for federal aid.

  • Can I receive financial aid for online classes?

    Yes, financial aid is available for online students. If you are taking classes for credit, you may also qualify to receive federal aid such as the Pell Grant, state aid, and various ABC Scholarships. Submit a Financial Aid Application to determine what you might be able to receive.

Transfer Students

  • Where do I send my transcripts?

    Students who transfer to ABC are able to transfer credits from many colleges and Bible Institutes. Email or mail unofficial or official transcripts to ABC’s admissions office to determine what will transfer.

    • Email: admissions@abc.edu
    • Mail: Admissions Office
      Appalachian Bible College
      161 College Dr.
      Mt. Hope, WV 25880

  • What types of transfer scholarships can I receive?

    ABC offers scholarships specifically for transfer students such as the Transfer Scholarship and Bible Institute Transfer Scholarship. Transfer students may also receive the Scholastic Achievement Scholarship based on their previous college GPA. Submit ABC’s Financial Aid Application to determine which ABC transfer scholarships you might receive.

  • Will my credits transfer to ABC?

    Many factors affect credit transfer such as grades, the college you are transferring from, and your program at ABC. Send a transcript to ABC to determine what will transfer.

    • Email: admissions@abc.edu
    • Mail: Admissions Office
      Appalachian Bible College
      161 College Dr.
      Mt. Hope, WV 25880

Married Students

  • What is married student housing like?

    Married student housing includes 3 bedroom and 5 bedroom townhouses located on campus known as the “Appalachian Village.” The rental cost is modest compared to the area and some utilities (water, sewer, internet, waste) are provided by ABC. This community is a wonderful place of bonding, encouragement, and friendship for married students and their families.

  • What is available for my wife if she is not a student?

    ABC’s Student Wives Fellowship provides opportunities for involvement in activities and resources between families. This group is geared towards ladies since most of our married students are the men in the household. Many other campus events are open to spouses. One of the greatest opportunities is for the spouse to take one free class each semester through our married student part-time Spouse Scholarship.

  • What is available for my children?

    Every year we have some married students living in the Appalachian Village or off-campus that have children. We want your children to be a part of the ABC family as much as you are. Events such as the Married Student Picnic are opportunities for married families to connect with each other and with ABC faculty. Single students can babysit and befriend your children, providing godly examples. Athletic games, concerts, banquets, Alpine programs, and other events are also opportunities for your children to participate. ABC is a family and we want each member of your family to be impacted.


  • How secure is your campus?

    We are grateful to the Lord for a historically safe campus environment. Residence halls and key buildings are locked 24/7 with keypads at doors. Our campus security is ready to respond to security needs. Also, selected staff attend safety conferences to keep current with available resources.

  • Do you have a campus church?

    One of ABC’s Core Values is the Priority of the Local Church. Therefore, ABC does not have a campus church, but students and staff attend more than 30 independent, fundamental churches in the area. Students serve in these churches and are in turn ministered to by the church congregations who help make their church a “home away from home.”

  • How do students select a church to attend?

    During the first four weeks at ABC, students visit area churches – potentially visiting up to 12 different churches. Then, students are asked to choose a church and commit to attending there for the academic year. New students will often ask other students and staff for recommendations. Email abc@abc.edu to request a list of these area churches.

  • Can a student have a car?

    Yes, any student may bring a vehicle. Parking is located very close to the residence halls, and only a small fee is charged for a student to have their vehicle on campus each semester.

  • How do students without cars run errands or get to church?

    The ABC family and specifically students are a community that learns to care for each other and those with vehicles provide transportation for those without. Whether it is a trip to Walmart, the barber shop, a state park, or church activity, students are able to borrow a car from a classmate or catch a ride.

  • Are jobs available on campus?

    Whether it is serving food in the dining hall, cleaning one of the classrooms, or trimming the grass, many students are able to work on campus. These positions do qualify for Federal Work Study and students can apply their paychecks directly to their account. While student employees are not officially hired until the beginning of the semester, the process begins with a Student Employment Application. Students can also pursue employment in area businesses in the Beckley area such as Dicks and Chick-fil-A.

  • How can we visit our child during the school year?

    Please plan to visit during the year and especially when your child is involved in a campus activity. On-campus lodging is available in the Alpine Lodge (304-877-6427) or there are many area hotels. Sit in on classes, purchase meals in our dining hall, or take your child off campus as a treat. We do ask that you limit your visits at the beginning of a semester to allow your student to adjust to college life and develop a study routine. One event you can plan to attend is Parents’ / Grandparents’ Day in April.

  • What medical care is available?

    ABC’s medical clinic is staffed by a nurse who is available in-person during designated hours and available by phone 24/7. Students are also added to ABC’s contract with New River Health Clinic, which has multiple sites in the area and provides appointments with a doctor for $7.50, and x-rays for $17.50. Hospitals are also only minutes away in the rare event that one is needed.

General Information

  • How can I request my transcript from ABC?

    If you have taken classes through ABC and want a transcript sent to you or another college/employer, submit our Transcript Request Form. Please know that your student account must be paid and additional charges may apply to your transcript request. Plan to allow two weeks for processing transcript requests.

  • My church is looking for a pastor, intern, or another servant. How can I share this ministry opening with ABC students and alumni?

    ABC offers a Ministry Placement service that can connect ministries and candidates. You can post a position opening that will stay active on our site for 9 months as well as look through any resumes that candidates have posted, and students and alumni can view listings and respond directly to you if they are interested. Accessing this service is easy and free. Create your account at placement.abc.edu.

  • How can I make a gift?

    ABC and its ministries are dependent on the financial gifts of supporters as we serve our students, faculty, and local church ministries. Consider supporting the ministry in general or giving towards a specific fund such as student scholarships, Mount Olive Bible College, Alpine Ministries, or an ABF missionary. Pray and consider how God could use you and potentially provide a gift towards one of these areas. For more information or to give a gift through our secure online service, see our Giving page. For more information on how to designate a gift or set up a scholarship or other giving plan, contact our Development Division.

  • What is the Appalachian Bible Fellowship (ABF)?

    Many may not realize that ABC and Alpine Ministries operate under the missions agency Appalachian Bible Fellowship. This design reinforces our commitment, partnership, and accountability to the local church and its global mission. Learn more about Appalachian Bible Fellowship and consider supporting our missionaries!

  • What is Alpine Ministries and how are they related to ABC?

    ABC has always had a passion for service and a heart for the people of Appalachia. In 1960, ABC started offering Bible camps for local kids. Alpine Ministries, part of ABC’s Extension Ministries division, has flourished into various types of camps, high-adrenaline adventure activities, and retreats. Alpine is based on ABC’s campus and gives students opportunities for hands-on experience. Learn more about the unique offerings of Alpine Ministries.

  • What is Mount Olive Bible College?

    God miraculously presented the opportunity for ABC to begin offering classes within West Virginia’s maximum security prison, Mount Olive Correctional Complex. This has grown into Mount Olive BIble College (MOBC) which currently has graduates serving in ministry within the prison system. Read about MOBC, including testimonies from students, and learn how you can be a part of God’s work through MOBC.

  • What is EPBI?

    Eastern Panhandle Bible Institute provides in-person college courses through credentialed instructors in the Martinsburg, West Virginia region. EPBI holds classes each semester as a spiritual growth and leadership development tool for area churches. The classes meet on weekday evenings and are designed to fulfill the requirements of a Bible Certificate. EPBI is a cooperative ministry of Appalachian Bible College, Fellowship Bible Church, and Independent Bible Church. Learn more about EPBI or apply to take a class.

  • What is ABC's relationship with Answers in Genesis?

    Appalachian Bible College is a Creation College official partner with Answers in Genesis, the organization known for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. Both ABC and AiG uphold the authority of the Bible starting with the Genesis account of origins. Ken Ham, founder of AiG, has personally endorsed ABC. ABC offers a scholarship for AiG employees and dependents; contact Admissions to learn more.

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